Saturday, November 19, 2016

It Costs How Much?!?! You're Joking, Right?!?!

It costs a lot to adopt from China. The low end, $29,500 and high end over $40K. No, I'm not kidding. Its a lot - a whole lot! If you want to see for yourself, take a look at our adoption website here. 

So, now that you'd had a bit of sticker shock, just how are we going to pay for it? In all honesty, we don't know. Oh, we have a plan, but the last I checked I can't see the future so really, I don't know.

Even so, here is a rough idea of our plan.

1. Pray. Pray a lot. Pray that our adoption will be on the low end of costs and pray God will provide!

2. Cut back. For the next 18 months, are aren't planning any family vacations, weekend trips or many dinners out. Along with that, the cables getting cut after the Super Bowl (oops - sorry kids! Take this as your warning!) and any way we can decrease our basic expenses we are and will continue to do.

3. Save. We personally hope to contribute $10K to our adoption from our own savings plan.

4. Apply. After our first phase in the adoption process is complete and our home study is done, we then will qualify to apply for grants. I've got a running list of grant options, currently numbering over 20 different groups and charities.

5. Raise. We plan several fundraisers. First is our crowd funding campaign! You can find a link to the right here on my blog or here at Pure Charity, Beyond that, our next fundraiser starts next week! I'll be selling my mothers homemade kaiser rolls by the dozen for delivery on Dec. 23rd for your Christmas holiday celebration! In the months to come we plan a puzzle event, online garage sale (ongoing beginning in January) and we're still throwing around ideas for summer. All in all we hope to do about 5 fundraising events.

Our hope is to fly sometime early in 2018. Much of that hope depends on the money. I hate that. I really, really hate that loving another child, expanding your family and giving someone hope and a future is dependent on money. Still, I rest in a great God who looks after all that I have no control over.

So with that, we step out in faith. We move forward, never back in this journey to complete our family. Because after all, our Family Makes 7.

XOXO - MusicalMom

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