Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lets Get This Party Started!

Its October 22nd, 2016. Okay, okay, I know its been 3 years. Yup 3 YEARS since I posted on our adoption blog. Well, a lot has happened.

First off, its my birthday. No really, it is. I am 47 today! I'm having a 'mom' day - aka look back to my first post about the pj's and fluffy blankets (that part of me has NOT changed). My family celebrated with me a few weeks ago with a long weekend riding horses at a ranch in Leavenworth. It was wonderful - my horse-loving daughter Sarai and I hope to go back next summer and volunteer a week.

Anyhow, back to 3 years. Why has it been 3 years? all honesty I'm not really sure. Much has happened. I went back to work on a more permanent basis as a school bus driver. Its an awesome job! My kids have aged - we graduated our first born who is now attending the local community college. One of my boys is now in full-time public school, and the other two are still homeschooled. Along with that, we've done a ton of work on our fixer-upper (and yet, it still isn't ready to pass a home inspection!). Plus I'm in the process of applying to grad school. So, tons going on.

Yet, life is always busy. Why the adoption wait? I guess it comes down to fear. Fear of the money (or lack thereof), fear of the changes, fear of the unknown. All of that comes down to faith, or my lack of it.

A few months ago I had enough of lack of faith and we finally put our application in! Upon review, our application was stalled because my BMI did not meet the standards for China (yes, that's embarrassing and totally shaming to me). So I had to work to get my BMI down. Thankfully it wasn't much. Now I'm working on lowering it further. Its a process.

So yes, we have applied. I am now working on the paper chase, slowly. We have 4 months to put in our intent and our first deposit to the tune of $2,400. I think it'll happen - I pray it'll happen. There's a plan, now I'm just hoping life won't get in the way.

With that I an researching grants, fundraising and all kinds of adoption cost reduction options. Though our goal is to do this adoption debt free, we are willing to seek a loan if needed for the final expenses. We pray to get through phase 1 and 2 without any debt - God let it be so!

Soon I will post some links for you all - ways to help us along in this journey. Though we would love for you to partner with us in reaching our financial goals, what we seek more is your prayer support! Please pray with us! Pray for our waiting daughter, for our children here and for God's timing in it all.

All I want for my birthday is faith. Faith that I do not question God's calling. Faith that He will provide. Faith for my family to be complete.

Love and Prayers -