Sunday, November 13, 2016

Our First Goal Has Been Met!

I have to tell you I don't like asking for help! In fact, I really, really hate it!

I was raised that I need to to be able to stand on my own two feet. This was excellent advice and I thank my mother for being an incredible example of that. And yet, there are times when its good to humble ourselves and seek help.

Posting our crowd fundraiser was my family doing just that - seeking the help of others to come alongside us and help us to bring Tori home. Was it easy? No. Is it scary? YES!!

You see, there have been times in my life when I have overstretched myself; when I have launched into a ministry or event and it flopped. Those experiences taught me to be cautious to stay in God's will. It took me years and a lot of soul searching and good counsel to help me see why I was doing too much, and why they flopped. It was part me being codependent and part that I was not doing what God had called me to.

All of that produced scars. Scars of doubt on my soul. So, as you may imagine, doing a campaign to help raise the money we need to adopt our daughter brings up a lot of those failures and fears. I have doubted if we are in God's will, I have doubted my own ability to succeed and yet, Chris and I see how God has orchestrated this time for us to adopt. So I gotta let go. I gotta do our part and watch as God does the rest. Its scary and its a battle of our faith but we are holding tightly to His promises and the desires He's given us.

So with that, what an update! We are so thankful that our first goal was reached!

That first goal was simply getting a donation and you got that done! Thank you so much to those who have contributed to our campaign!

Now, what is the second goal? Our first down payment is due Feb. 28th, with a stack of paperwork and $2400. We know we can meet this goal! Here is how we hope to meet it:

Crowd Funding - $1,000
First Fundraiser - $500 (see details below!)
Our Family Contribution - $900

So, what is that first fundraiser you may ask? I'm going to be selling dozens and dozens of my mother's famous keiser rolls for Christmas! If you've had the privilege of tasting these, you know how GOOD THEY ARE!!!

We aren't set on the price yet, but I am thinking $10 a dozen, or $18 for two dozen. Let me know if you think that's a fair price.

We plan to have them ready for delivery to your home on Friday, Dec. 23rd or early Saturday, Dec. 24th!

We can do this! God is good, He is great and He will provide!

Again, thank you SO MUCH to those who have contributed thus far! We pray you will follow our updates and see God work in this! 

Also, please consider coming alongside us and helping us bring Tori home! We need prayer, wisdom and your help!

Much Love,

MusicalMom and the family!  #bringtorihome

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